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Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort

There is a number of ski resorts in Iran, the best and most popular one is Dizin ski resort which is located in the north of Tehran in the Alborz Mountain Range. It is among the 40 highest ski resorts in the world as the highest ski lift reaches 3,600m. Moreover, the base at around 2740m is higher than the summit of many Alpine resorts. The lifts take you to an altitude of almost 3650m above sea level.  With its dry climate, Dizin, boasts some of the best powder skiing in the world., snowboarders can have an exciting experience due to its high quality of the snow. it has also a large variety of ski runs which are suitable for anyone from beginners to professional skiers, however, it should be mentioned that Dizin ski resort is geared towards the more experienced skiers.


Dizin international ski resort offers you comfortable and affordable accommodation including 2 hotels, 19 cottages, and 5 restaurants. Also, villas and private apartments around the resort host thousands of people each year.

Gajereh Hotel: having four buildings with amenities and a free shuttle bus to the slope, the Gajereh hotel is situated about 2 km far from the Ski Resort.

Jahangardi Hotel: This is a 4-star hotel beside the Ski Resort. It is the nearest hotel to Dizin Ski Resort with complete facilities such as restaurant, private parking, etc.

Distance To the Airports: Imam Khomeini Airport 120 min / Mehrabad airport 60 min


Ski Equipment:

You do not need to bring Skiing facilities as they are available in the resort to hire. You can find different types of ski wear, ski and snowboard, alpine ski and mono board, cross country skies and accessories. It is possible to rent any of above mentioned equipment in the area.  Ski trainers are also available for the kids. Dizin Ski Resort has 2 ski lifts, 3 tele-cabins, 7 dish tele-skis, and 1 Hammer tele-ski.

Travel Dates:

Comparing to European ski resorts, the ski season in Dizin lasts longer, (from mid-November to mid-May) due to its high altitude. Moreover, the ski activities in this complex are not limited to winter as it is a grass-ski center in summer, too. In 1996, the first international grass-ski competition was carried out at Dizin resort by the International Ski Federation.


You need to consider about 3.5 hours reaching Dizin ski resort in the winter, as the common route to Dizin is Chaloos. The lowest point of the area is 2650m and the highest point is 3600m above sea level. Based on the number of your group members, the type of car should be specified and arranged.

Facts and Statistics


Dizin has different Pistes of various grades and you can ski in different styles during the same day. There is also a piste for newcomers (beginners’ piste). Roughly speaking, 10% of runs are suitable for advanced skiers, 40% are good enough for intermediate, and the other 50% is suitable for beginners. Because the air condition is drier comparing to European ski pistesm, good powder is available for skiing.

Ski Resort Specifications


Targeted Activities: Snowboarding, Skiing, Grass Ski
Availability: November to May
Height variation 2650m to 3600m
Among the highest lifts in the world, the lift reaches 3,600m
Among the 40 highest resorts in the world.

Resort Altitude: 2700m

Base elevation, Lowest Piste: 2650m

Highest Lift, Top elevation: 3600m
Vertical drop Max 850m
Skiable area: 470 ha
Runs: 23
Night skiing: Not available

Lift system

3 gondola lifts, telecabins
12 chairlifts, Lifts
1 hammer teleski

2 skilifts, chair lifts
7 dish teleskis, drag lifts

Snow depths: average 2m at bottom to 6m at the top
Established in 1969

Geographical Location

Longitude: 51-25-02 E (51.417953 E)

Latitude: 36-02-57 N (36.050316 N)
Distance from Tehran (Chalus Road) 125 km
Distance from Tehran (Shemshak Road) 55 km

Tehran to Dizin by Car

Distance 125 km
Average Speed: 50 km/h
Maximum Speed: 120 Km/h
Total Time: 02:50

Targeted Activities

The targeted activities of the area are snowboarding, ski mountaineering, skiing, grass ski, hiking, trekking, and winter climbing.

Other Sports Activities and Facilities

Dizin Complex offers a variety of sports activities, a good chance to get familiar with interesting aspects of Iranians lifestyle.
- Mountaineering, climbing, and walking

- Mountain cycling in different routes and tracks.

- Tennis courtyards.
- Volleyball grounds.
- Paint ball area.
- Coaching and training classes.
- Children’s park and slope for grass ski in summer.

Ski Courses and Classes

Beginners and newcomers who need skiing or snowboarding training can participate in classes to take step by step training lessons from qualified trainers. They can exercise with a coach next to the piste.

Grass Ski

The sports activities in Dizin resort are not confined to winter, it is also possible to ski on grass in the summer (the same piste). In fact, Dizin resort is the main grass-ski center of Iran.

Popularity and Crowd during weekends

Because of its popularity, Dizin Resort is crowded during the weekends (Thursdays and Fridays). If it is possible avoid Iranian weekends, otherwise you may spend too much time in Tele cabins queues instead of skiing on the piste. 

Winter Warning

- Dizin ski resort is only accessible by road. After a heavy snowfall, snow chains are necessary for cars.

- The road between Shemshak and Dizin (12 km) may be closed in winter under heavy snow condition due to avalanche risk.

- In stormy condition, darkness or bad visibility, it is not safe to ski without a reliable navigation unit such as a GPS receiver.