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Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Located in the South of Iran, Pooladkaf ski resort is 85 km away from Shiraz, and 15 Km from Sepidan. It was established in 2002. The ski resort elevation is 2850m from the sea level, the peak, however, is 3400m. There is a gondola lift with the length of 2100m. Surface lifts are also available.


The 4-star PooladKaf hotel is located in the Pooladkaf ski resort where you can enjoy a nice rest after a day of skiing. The Hotel offers complete facilities with attentive luggage handlers, Courteous housekeepers and servers, helpful doormen, all ready to fulfill your needs.


In the village nearby, Komehr, there are also some accommodation facilities such as a motel, and some villas with facilities.


At Pooladkaf, you can also enjoy driving ATVs and snowmobiles, as well as riding bikes, horses and pedalos. All facilities of Pooladkaf ski resort (except skiing) are open to the people in non-ski seasons too.

Ski season in this ski resort starts from December and endures until late March and early April. Sometimes there is about 3 meters of snow at the bottom of the resort because of the considerable precipitation of this region (about 1000 mm in 6 months) in some years. The last but not least interesting point about Pooladkaf ski resort is the strong sunshine even in winter months. You can visit the spectacular Margoon waterfall near this region (45 km away from the ski resort).


How to get to there? 

Starting from Shiraz:

Although you may take a taxi from your hotel to Pooladkaf ski resort, it is more comfortable if you take a tour so everything is predictable. As Pooladkaf is only 85km away from Shiraz, with no heavy traffic on road, it takes about 90 min to reach there.

 Food & Eating 

Inside Pooladkaf resort there are a restaurant in the hotel, and a coffee shop and fast food on the top of the slope with good-quality Iranian foods.

 Working Days   

Pooladkaf resort is open all year round, 7 days of the week (08.30 AM to 17.00 PM).

Ski Season

Depending on climate and snowfall the ski season in this resort starts from December and last until March.


Quick Facts

Altitude: 3400 m
Vertical Drop: 421m

The lift length: about 2km
Lifts: 1 gondola, surface lifts

Skiing at night: Not available
Distance from Shiraz: 85km