Afsharid Dynasty, the last conquerors of the East


The Afsharid dynasty was founded by Nader Shah who saved Iran from the Afghans that had invaded Iran and had waged wars, plunders and massacres. In the beginning, Nader Shah was a brave soldier, defending the descendants of the Safavids; but having gained enough power he proclaimed independence and ascended the throne and chose Mashhad as his capital. His territory was the greatest of all kingdoms ever since the Sassanid Empire. He raged and plundered India, and captured as many lands as he could. Although he did much to the benefit of Iran, among which the foundation of Iran navy, he can be considered one of the most tyrant kings of Iran.

Under the influence of some mental disease, he blinded his two sons and killed all the witnesses. His tyranny was going so far that his own people decided to kill him. He ruled Iran so firmly from 1736 to 1747. As he had no taste for literature and art, during his time the Persian art and literature faced a decline.

His successors had no such power as Nader Shah did. So after his death, for about 50years Iran was open to struggles of his descendants and the first members of the Zand and Qajar dynasties. The Afsharid dynasty collapsed in 1796.