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This daily tour starts in the morning and covers the following major spots: Choghazanbil ziggurat, (a testimony of how astonishing the ancient Elamite culture was); Achaemenid Palace which was built on a massive terrace during the reign of Darius I; Susa Museum (where you can see various objects from Susa itself, as well as from the neighboring towns); and the Tomb of Daniel which is traditionally believed to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel. At the end we’ll take a look at Haft Tepe (a significant archaeological site).

 Choghar Zanbil Iran
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The daily tour includes visiting the ancient City of Shushtar and its historical hydraulic system. Shushtar is an old fortress city approximately 90 km away from Ahvaz. As an island city on Karun River It was selected as the summer capital during the Sassanid era. The historical hydraulic system is a masterpiece of creative genius which can be dated back to the Achaemenid period. It consisted of two main diversion waterways on the Karun River one of which is still in use providing water to Shushtar by means of a number of tunnels that supply water to mills.

 City of Shushtar iran



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