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Coast to Coast (16 D)

This Iran tour crosses all of Iran from the southern coast to the northern coast in 16 days, from the warm waters of the Persian Gulf to the fresher and colder waters of the Caspian Sea. We cover all the important historical sites between the coasts, and it is also a chance to experience every single one of Iran’s vastly varied climates. We go from the dry desert landscapes of Yazd, rich sea life, open forests, and warm sun of the Persian Gulf, and closed jungles and intense greenery along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Visited Cities & Towns: Shiraz, Bandarabbas, Qeshm, Hormoz Island, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Tehran, Fuman, Masuleh, Lahijan, Anzali


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Day 1
Overnight  Shiraz

Upon your arrival in Shiraz You’ll be transferred to the hotel for a short rest. We then start our full-day city tour visiting Arg-e Karim Khan, Vakil Mosque, and Vakil Bazaar (an authentic bazaar with a great variety of goods in which you enjoy being lost in the harmony of different colors). Next we take a look at Nasir Almolk Mosque (known as the Pink Mosque in which the light and worship twist together). We then stroll through the Narenjestan. In the afternoon we will visit Shah Cheragh Shrine (one of the holiest sites of Shia Islam) and the Tomb of Hafez (the Iranian famous Poet).

Day 2
Overnight  Bandar Abbas

We go on an excursion to see a number of major spots near Shiraz: the UNESCO World Heritage site, Persepolis, a splendid monument as magnificent as history constructed by Darius I the great. We then visit Naqsh-e Rustam (holding the rock-cut tombs of Achaemenid kings and richly decorated reliefs carved out of the rock by the Sasanians) and Naqsh-e Rajab containing four ancient inscriptions and bas-reliefs dating back to the early Sassanid period. We also take a look at Pasargadae (home to the Tomb of Cyrus the Great) before flying to Bandar Abbas at night.

Day 3
Overnight  Qeshm

The day starts with a ferry ride from BandarAbbas to Qeshm Island where we are going to begin our full-day tour. We’ll visit the Stars Valley (known as one of the most eye-catching geological manifestations in the Island. It has been created slowly through erosion). Next, we have a look at Hara Forests and Khourbas Cave. The twisting structure of the cave in the midst of the mountains and its perspective toward a vast field make you wonder why this spot was made. It is believed by some scholars to be an ancient site for worshiping God about 2000 years ago.

Day 4
Overnight  Qeshm

Today we go on an excursion to Hormoz Island (a glorious gem in the Persian Gulf).  It’s so quiet and small that you can hear the sound of the sea all over the island. Watching gazelles— roaming freely in the fields— and the combination of sunlight and red soil take you to the world of colors and dreams creating a picturesque landscape which remains in your mind for a long time. We also have an opportunity to visit the Portuguese Castle built to the north east of the island under the command of the Spanish monarch of the time.

Day 5
Overnight Kerman

On this day we are going to visit the Anthropological Museum of Bandar Abbas and Hindu Temple. The historic Hindu Temple in Bandar Abbas is viewed as representing a unique style of Indian architecture in Iran. Covering a total area of 300 meters, the temple was constructed in 1310 A.D. by Indian architects for Hindus dwelling in the area, (under the order of Mohammad-Hassan Khan Sa’dolmalek the Governor of the ports at that time). It has a corridor embracing an expansive square-shaped room. We then continue our journey driving to Kerman (500km).

desert tour
Day 6
Overnight  Kerman

In the morning we are going to start our half-day tour of Kerman city visiting a Safavid-era structure— Ganjali Khan Complex (square, Bathhouse, bazaar, Caravanserai, and Mosque). Next, we go on an excursion to visit Mahan and Rayen. We’ll see the historical Shazdeh Garden in Mahan (a sample of Persian Garden located 40km away from Kerman) and Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine (the famous Iranian mystic and poet). Next, we visit Rayen Castle (104 km), an impressive structure that goes back to the Sassanid time. We drive back to Kerman in the evening.

Day 7
Overnight  Yazd

Today we are going to drive to Yazd in the morning en route visiting Zein-o-Din Caravanserai. Located 60km away from Yazd, this is a 400-year-old circular caravanserai built by Shah Abbas I. It was part of a system of 999 such inns constructed to promote trade. Once in Yazd, we’ll start our half-day tour of the city in the afternoon walking through the old town where we have a chance to see the Jame Mosque (with  a pair of minarets, the tallest in Iran, and impressive tile work), Alexander Prison, and zurkhaneh (The traditional gymnasium in which the ancient sport is practiced).

Day 8
Overnight    Yazd

We will start today's tour with the Towers of Silence (proper structures which were being used for the Zoroastrian burial ritual; It refers to a tradition dating back to 3000 years ago.). Next, we visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple and its Sacred Eternal Flame. We also see the Water Museum, a visit to which will offer you an impressive experience of qanat, a complex tunnel system utilized to extract groundwater. The tunnels were handmade and big enough to fit one person.  In the afternoon Amir Chakhmaq square and Dolat Abad Garden will be visited.

Day 9
Overnight Isfahan

Today, we will drive to Isfahan (350 km), en route visiting the following sites: Caravanserai Complex of Meybod; Pigeon Tower (a proper structure with economic benefits), and Meybod Ice House. The latter two items reveal the environment-friendly ideas. Next, we have a look at the tile and ceramic workshop and Narin Historical Castle (built some 2,000 years ago). Once in Nain we are going to visit the Jame Mosque (one of the oldest mosques in Iran). Arriving in Isfahan toward the evening, we have enough time to see the historical bridges.


Day 10
Overnight Isfahan

Today’s morning will be spent with exploration of the UNESCO World Heritage site Naqsh-e Jahan Square (an outstanding sample of Iranian/Islamic architecture and one of the largest squares in the world), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (prominent for its scale, location, design, and ornament), Imam Mosque (one of the masterpieces built during the Safavid period), and the impressive Ali Qapu Palace. After lunch, we'll visit the remarkable Chehel Sotoun Palace and Garden. Next, we’ll visit the Persian Bazaar (an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Iranian handicrafts and workshops).

Day 11
Overnight Tehran

In the morning we are going to visit two other major spots in Isfahan:  Jame Mosque (a comprehensive book of Iranian and Islamic architecture where you can see step by step development of Persian architecture) and the Vank Cathedral (with astonishing paintings displaying the architectural styles of both Christian and Islamic traditions). In the afternoon we are driving to Tehran visiting Abyaneh (a wonderful experience of the ancient civilization and culture of Iran), Tabatabaei’s traditional house, and Agha Bozorg Mosque. We also visit Fin Garden before leaving the city to Tehran.

Overnight Tehran

Our full-day tour of Tehran will take us to the splendid Golestan Palace (a masterpiece of the Qajar period, embodying the fruitful integration of earlier Persian architecture and design with Western impacts site).  Next we visit some extraordinary museums: the National Museum of Iran, (consisting of Archaeological Museum of Iran and the National Arts Museum); Glass & Ceramics Museum, (covering a period from the 2nd millennium B.C. to the present); and possibly Treasury of National Jewelry Museum (which houses the largest pink diamond in the world).

Overnight Tehran

Today’s city tour of Tehran starts in the morning with a visit to the Sa’dabad Complex. Laid on 104 hectares of astounding mountainside parkland, this historical complex was a royal summer home during the Pahlavi era. The site’s 18 buildings accommodate museums devoted to various subjects such as the miniature paintings, royal automobiles, and royal dishware. Next, we will see the spectacular Complex of Niavaran (belonging to the Qajar and the Pahlavi periods). We’ll end our tour at the Carpet Museum containing a number of carpet masterpieces of the world.

Overnight Masuleh

We are on the road to Masuleh (400 km) en route visiting Fuman (the capital of Fuman County, located in Gilan Province) and Roudkhan Castle (with an area of 2.6 hectares). Situated 25km southwest of Fuman city, this remarkable castle is a military complex which had been built during the Sassanid era (224-651), and later reconstructed during the Seljuq period by followers of the Ismaili sect. Due to the natural mountainous features, it has been possible to build the castle on two tips of a mountain. We’ll arrive in Masuleh in the evening.

Overnight Anzali

Our today starts with a walking tour in Masouleh. Remained from history with customs, traditions, and handicrafts, this historical village has an appealing nature and an exceptional architecture. The next stop will be Lahijan (110km) where we’ll take a gondola lift up to the Tea Farms. Titled by some as the sleeping beauty under the rain, this mountainous city is laid peacefully on the Alborz foothills. In the afternoon we’ll drive to Anzali, stopping at one of the most beautiful watery landscapes in Iran and a decent place for bird watching — Anzali Lagoon.

Overnight Departure

We are going to drive back to Tehran (375 km) on last day of our tour visiting Gilan Rural Heritage Museum on the way (where the local artistic works like handicraft, the vernacular architecture, and an extensive variety of customs are uncovered and become better understood in an authentic environment). You have a chance to see the beauty of an impressive world of architectural diversity and explore the rural environment and traditions. Arriving at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport in the afternoon you are going to get ready for your return journey with sweet memories.


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