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Shiraz Daily Tours

Shiraz Daily Excursion

Shiraz, known as the cultural capital of Iran. There is lots of hidden history and stories in Shiraz (Fars Province). Due to the years of experience and according to what tourists demand when traveling to Shiraz, “Trip to Persia” has designed 18 different tours in two major categories (Cultural/Historial and Adventure/Eco tours) to reveal the beauty of Fars to every single visitor.

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Overnight Shiraz

This is a half-day excursion to visit three major places around Shiraz: Persepolis, a true testimony of the glory of ancient Persian Culture and Civilization constructed by Darius I the great. Next we’ll have a look at Naqsh-e Rustam, (where you are going to visit a number of massive rock-cut tombs belonging to the Achaemenid kings). We’ll end our tour by visiting the Naqsh-e Rajab which holds four ancient inscriptions and bas-reliefs dating back to the early Sassanid period). In the early afternoon we’ll return to Shiraz.

Overnight   Shiraz

Compared to our half-day excursion, two other major spots have been added to this full-day tour. After visiting Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, and Naqsh-e Rajab, we’ll move to Pasargadae. It is the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire holding the Tomb of Cyrus the Great (the founder of Achaemenid Empire). Before returning to Shiraz, we are going to visit Istakhr City, located 5 kilometers north of Persepolis. It was a flourishing city under the Sassanid Empire which was served as its capital from 224 to 226 B.C.

Overnight   Shiraz

This daily tour covers Firuzabad City located 120km away from Shiraz where you are going to see Qal-e Dokhtar (Maiden's Castle, the name of which suggests it was dedicated to the Goddess Anahita), Ardashir Palace, the Sassanid reliefs, and Nomads. Ardashir Palace is a castle situated on the slopes of the mountain on which Qal-e Dokhtar is located on. Its structure includes three domes making it slightly larger and more magnificent than Qal-e Dokhtar. We also take a look at the Sassanid reliefs, and visit nomads as the end of our daily tour.




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