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The Enchanting Persia (4 D)

This Iran tour is a very good option for those who come for a short time for business or to visit family among other things. This tour starts in Shiraz, goes through Isfahan and ends in Tehran. It covers all the historical places in Shiraz and Isfahan dating from 3000 years ago up to the Islamic period and also offers a good opportunity to visit a number of fabulous museums in the capital.

Visited Cities: Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran

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Day 1
Overnight Isfahan

Directly after our arrival in Shiraz we’ll take a short drive to reach Persepolis (the most complete architectural structure belonging to the Achaemenid Empire) and Naqsh-e Rostam (an ancient necropolis containing funerary related works belonging to the Elamite, Achaemenid, and Sassanid periods). We will drive back to the starting point around noon. The afternoon will be dedicated to the city, where we’ll visit the Nasir’ol Molk Mosque, Hafeziyeh (the tomb of Hafez, one of the most well-known poets in Iran), and the Persian Garden (Eram or Jahan Nama), before flying to Isfahan in the evening.

Day 2
Overnight  Isfahan

In Isfahan we'll visit some of the main attractions including the Chehel Sotoun Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage site the dominant feature of which is its brilliant veranda), Naqsh-e Jahan Square (one of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites which is encompassed by structures from the Safavid time), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, and Ali Qapu Palace (a glorious structure with its elevated terrace, which features 18 slim columns). After lunch, you visit the old Bazaar to get familiarized with the Iranian handicrafts and workshops.

Day 3
Overnight  Tehran


This morning will be dedicated to the rest of the city. We have an opportunity to take a look at Jame Mosque. The Mosque is viewed as a spectacular museum of Islamic periods in Iran due to its various types of architecture from 1,400 years ago to the latest century. We also visit Vank Cathedral (best known for its architectural merits and tile works). In the afternoon we’ll complete the tour by visiting and walking beside the river viewing the historical bridges. We will then fly to Tehran in the evening.

Day 4
Overnight  Departure

Before flying home you will be taken to fabulous museums like Iran National Museum (ranks as one of the most prestigious museums in the world regarding the quality and diversity of its monuments), the well-designed Glass & Ceramics Museum (with hundreds of exhibits, dating from the 2nd millennium B.C. to the modern day), Jewelry Museum (a highly Impressive collection of breathtaking jewelry the amount of which is stunning), and possibly Golestan Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage site exemplifying the fruitful integration of earlier Persian artworks and architecture with Western impacts).


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