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Yazd Daily Tours

Yazd Daily Excursion

Get lost in the mud-brick maze of the Old City and discover the many mysteries of Yazd.

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Overnight Yazd

The daily tour includes the Narin Castle (a mud-brick structure which goes back to more than 2000 years ago); Ice House (an Eco-friendly invention); old Caravanserai; Citadel of Kharanaq (which dates back to the Sassanid era), old Aqueduct, deserted mud brick village, a photographer’s dream with a labyrinth of streets, passageways, tunnels, and rooms, as well as impressive structures such as the small mosque with Shaking Minaret.

 kharanagh yazd
Overnight   Yazd

Daily tour includes: Desolate oasis of Asr Abad (a small village near Yazd); Wind catcher (a traditional Persian architectural structure to make natural ventilation in buildings); Water Reservoir (a cylindrically shaped structure below the ground with a dome constructed over it to keep the water cool); old Caravanserai; 4,000 Year old Citadel of Kharanaq; old Aqueduct; abandoned mud brick village; and the Mosque with Shaking Minaret. We also have an hour free time to walk around the eye-catching sandy desert.

 garmeh desert iran
Overnight   Yazd

Half-day city tour includes camel riding around city of Ardakan. It is an ancient desert city and a regional agricultural center with its amazing qanat irrigation system. This area is one of the Zoroastrian centers, and there is a bunch of holy sites for Zoroastrians near the city. Each summer a large number of Zoroastrians from around the world gather in Sharifabad, a village near Ardakan, for pilgrimage. The city is also famous for its camels, a great opportunity for those who are interested in a several-hour camel riding.

 camel ridding yazd iran
Overnight   Yazd

This half-day tour includes Amir Chakhmaq square; Water Museum (displaying tools used for making underground channels); Jameh Mosque (displaying the priceless inscription of mosaic tiles and the elegant patterns of brick work, with the highest minarets in Iran); Water Reservoir (used for storing water); Coin Museum (which holds a collection of ancient coins from different eras); Alexander Prison; Old Bazar; and Maleko-Tojar historical Hotel (with its winter and summer chambers, eye-catching terrace, and amazing wooden pillars).

 amir chakhmagh square iran
Overnight   Yazd

This half-day tour is dedicated to Saryazd Castle and Zein-o-Din Caravanserai.  The Saryazd Castle is a mud brick castle with a moat around located on the edge of the desert slightly outside the village with the same name. Saryazd is a small village situated in Mehriz County in Yazd Province. We also take a look at the Zein-o-Din Caravanserai which is a 400-year-old circular caravanserai located 60km away from Yazd. It was built by Shah Abbas I as part of a system of 999 such inns constructed to promote trade.

 saryazd castle ran
Overnight   Yazd

The full-day city tour of Yazd will start in the morning with a visit to the Towers of Silence (used by Zoroastrians for the Ritual of Death in the past). Next, we are going to take a glance at the Zoroastrian’s Fire Temple (a well-known place due to its sacred flame with a peaceful sense of spirituality). We then visit the Water Museum, and Amir Chakhmagh Square. In the afternoon we’ll see the Jaam’e Mosque with a couple of minarets among the highest in Iran. At the end we will visit the Alexander Prison, and Zour Khaneh (Iranian’s traditional gymnasium).

 Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd



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