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14 Day Iran Tour Cities, Sand, and Sun is for the tourists who are occupied with both culture and the outdoors (featuring dolphin watching and the option of scuba diving); it combines our 7-day Central Iran tour with an Eco Tour. Besides the wonderful spots in central Iran, we’ll visit Qeshm Island (where you see the only Geo-Park in the Middle East), the coral island in the Persian Gulf, and the Hara forest. Despite its small size Qeshm Island has a huge variety of flora and fauna!


  • Shiraz
  • Day 1 Shiraz

    We’ll start our tour from Shiraz the city of poetry, roses, and nightingales where we are going to visit the Zandieh Complex (the citadel, the great Vakil MosqueSaray-e-Moshir, and Vakil Bazaar) with its marvelous architecture and.

    We also take a glance at the Nasir Almolk Mosque. In the afternoon, we will see one of the most appealing gardens of Iran, Eram Garden, and the Tomb of one of the most revered Iranian poets Hafez.

    Next we’ll visit the Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine (a spiritual place with eye-catching mirror tiles). The tour ends by going to the Quran Gate.

  • Day 2 Shiraz

    Today we go on a full-day excursion to see a number of remarkable places near Shiraz: the UNESCO World Heritage site, Persepolis, a true testimony of the greatness of ancient Persian Culture and Civilization built by Darius I the great.

    Next, we’ll have a look at Naqsh-e Rustam, (where you are able to visit a number of rock-cut tombs belonging to the Achaemenid kings). We’ll end our tour by visiting the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire Pasargadae holding the Tomb of Cyrus the Great. At night we are going to fly from Shiraz to Bandar Abbas.

  • Day 3 Qeshm

    We’ll start our day in the morning with a ferry ride from BandarAbbas to Qeshm Island where we are going to continue our full-day tour. We’ll visit one of the most marvelous geological manifestations in the Island the Stars Valley created over time through erosion.

    Next we’ll move to the eye-catching Hara Forests (also known as the Mangrove forests), and Khourbas Cave. The twisting structure of the cave in the middle of the mountains and its perspective toward an extensive field support the idea that it has probably been an ancient worship site.

  • Day 4 Qeshm

    Today we go on an excursion to Hormoz Island (a marvelous gem in the Persian Gulf). It’s so tranquil and small that you can hear the sound of the sea everywhere throughout the island.

    Watching gazelles moving about freely in the fields and the blend of sunlight and red soil take you to the universe of hues and dreams creating a pleasant scene which remains in your mind for a long time.

    We also have a chance to take a look at the Portuguese Castle constructed to the north east of the island under the command of the Spanish ruler of the time.

  • Day 5 Kerman

    In the morning we take a ferry back to Bandar Abbas where we are going to visit the Anthropological Museum and Hindu Temple. The remarkable Hindu Temple in Bandar Abbas is regarded as displaying a unique style of Indian architecture in Iran.

    Extending over an area of about 300 meters, the temple was built in 1310 A.D. by Indian architects for Hindus dwelling in the area, (under order of Mohammad-Hassan Khan Sa’dolmalek the Governor of the ports at that time). We are going to drive to Kerman (500 km) in the afternoon.

  • Day 6 Kerman

    We are going to start our half-day tour of Kerman city by visiting a Safavid-era Complex Ganjali Khan (squareBathhousebazaarCaravanserai, and Mosque). Next, we go on an excursion to visit Mahan and Rayen.

    We’ll stroll through the eye-ctching Shazdeh Garden in Mahan (a sample of Persian Garden situated as an oasis in the desert), and Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine (the well-known Iranian mystic and poet).

    We then move to the Rayen Castle (104 km), a magnificent structure that dates back to the Sassanid period. We drive back to Kerman in the evening.

  • Day 7 Yazd

    Today we are driving to Yazd (330km) in the morning aiming at visiting Zein-o-Din Caravanserai on the way. It is located 60km away from Yazd, a 400-year-old caravanserai constructed by Shah Abbas 1 to promote trade.

    After arrival to Yazd, we are going to start our half-day tour of the city in the afternoon by walking through the old town where we have an opportunity to see the Jame Mosque (with a pair of minarets, the tallest in Iran), Alexander Prison, and Zurkhaneh (a traditional gymnasium in which the ancient sport is practiced).

  • Day 8 Yazd

    After breakfast we’ll begin our tour around the city which includes visiting two Zoroastrian major spots first: the Towers of Silence and Zoroastrian’s Fire Temple. The former are constructions in which a sensible and clean way was being used in the past to treat dead bodies.

    The latter is a tranquil place with a peaceful sense of spirituality which holds the famous 1500-year-old fire known as the Eternal Flame. We’ll end our tour by visiting the Water Museum (displaying tools used for making underground channels), and Amir Chakhmagh Square.

  • Day 9 Isfahan

    In the morning we are driving to Isfahan (320 km), en route visiting these major places: the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai of Meybod; the Pigeon Tower (an eye-catching structure with economic benefits); the Narin Historical Castle (a historical monument dating back to 2,000 years ago); and the Jame Mosque of Nain (with the remarkable brickwork and impressive plasterwork over the niche).

    Arriving in Isfahan in the evening, we’ll have free time to walk along the historical bridges watching the daily life of people from a near distance.

  • Day 10 Isfahan

    Our full-day tour in Isfahan includes visiting some UNESCO World Heritage sites: the massive Naqshe-Jahan square; the particularly exquisite Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; the Imam Mosque; the elaborately decorated Ali Qapu Palace; and the famous Bazaar where you have an opportunity to see the arts & crafts products.

    We also take a look at the Chehel Sotoun Palace and Garden (the best sample of Islamic Persian painting).

    The style of life delineated in these paintings is distinctive with the genuine state of society in that period.

  • Day 11 Abyaneh

    Today’s city tour begins, in the morning, by visiting the Jame Mosque (having incredible interiors with different areas from different eras) and the historical Vank Cathedral (a Safavid-Christian imagery synthesis well-known for its architectural features and tile works).

    The paintings in the church are spectacular and the mixture of Islamic architectural styles and Christian patterns are apparent.

    In the afternoon we’ll drive to Abyaneh where we have a chance to see the marvelous rural architecture and traditional dresses of local people.

  • Day 12 Tehran

    Leaving Abyaneh (the town of living traditions and customs), we are driving to Tehran via Kashan and Qom (270km). Once in Kashan we are going to visit the best Iranian houses in size and architecture (for example, Borujerdis House, Ameri House, and Abbasi House), and the historical Mosque of Agha Bozorg.

    We then visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Fin Garden before leaving the city to Qom where we are going to visit the Fatima Masumeh Shrine. After visiting the holy shrine we’ll continue our journey arriving in Tehran in the evening.

  • Day 13 Tehran

    Today is dedicated entirely to the capital: Golestan Palace (a stunning place with an enormous amount of impressive mirrors); next, we’ll visit the Museum of Reza Abbasi, displaying a remarkable collection of Persian art; we then possibly visit the Treasury of National Jewelry Museum (which holds the largest pink diamond in the world, Kiani Crown encrusted with emeralds, and many other invaluable gems and jewelry).

    We’ll end our tour with a walk through Bazaar (where you have an opportunity to experience the everyday life-style of the people).

  • Day 14 Departure

    Today we are going to visit Sa’dabad Complex (with 18 remarkable palaces two of which we will visit).  Built by Pahlavi Dynasty, this magnificent structure houses a number of museums (devoted to various subjects such as the miniature paintings, and royal automobiles).

    Next, we are going to visit the Glass & Ceramics Museum. With hundreds of exhibits, this eye-catching museum beautifully combines Eastern and Western styles. In the afternoon you’ll be transferred to Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport for departure.

  • Tehran

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  • Meals Breakfasts only BB

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  • Ticket for international flights;
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses

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