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About 14 Day Iran Tour Pearl of Persia

This tour totally deserves the title “Pearl of Persia”. Iran is the most famous for its historical sites.

From a geographical point of view, however, one of the most amazing features of the country is the vast contrast in climate a factor that has made Iran one of the top ten countries in the world. This tour combines historical sightseeing with visits to the desert and incredible mountain views. A rare chance to see all this beauty and variety in just 14 days!

  • Tehran
  • Day 1 Tehran

    Upon your arrival in Tehran after a short rest we’ll start our city tour which includes: Golestan Palace representing architectural and aesthetic accomplishments of the Qajar time (including the introduction of European themes and styles into Persian arts); National Museum of Iran (showing the rich history of Iran’s ancient and Islamic periods); Glass & Ceramics Museum (with hundreds of objects, dating from the 2nd millennium BC to the present day); and possibly the National Jewelry Museum (housing one of the world’s most valuable jewelry collection).

  • Day 2 Yazd

    On this day we aim to see the other major sights in Tehran beginning with a visit to the Sa’dabad Complex. The site’s 18 buildings accommodate museums displaying subjects as diverse as the royal automobiles, royal dishware, and miniature paintings.

    Next, we’ll visit the Complex of Niavaran (a historical complex consists of several monuments and buildings built in the Qajar and Pahlavi periods.).

    You have also a glance at the Carpet Museum (a great place to see a number of unique carpets like the Tree of Life with Kings and Notables).

    You then fly to Yazd in the evening.

  • Day 3 Kerman

    We are going to begin our half day city from the alleys of Yazd where you get into the atmosphere of Old Persia. In the morning, after breakfast, we walk around the old town with its narrow alleys where time appears to have ceased.

    We’ll see the Towers of silence (in which an ecologically sound practice of laying the dead to rest was followed by Zoroastrians until 1960s) and Zoroastrian Fire Temple that holds the Eternal Flame (which has been burning for 1500 years).

    After lunch we’ll drive to Kerman (380km) arriving around sunset.

  • Day 4 Kerman

    Today we have a plan for a half-day tour of Kerman visiting the Ganjali Khan Complex (square, Bathhouse, bazaar, Caravanserai, and Mosque) before going on an excursion to visit Mahan, Rayen, and Shahdad. We’ll see Shazdeh Garden in Mahan standing as an oasis in the desert.

    Next we visit Rayen Castle (a remaining image of the residential fortresses in the ancient time). We then continue to reach Shahdad Kalout (desert) with wonderful structures cut out of sand hills where you have a chance to admire the beauty of desert sunset while driving back to Kerman.

  • Day 5 Shiraz

    On this day we are going to drive to Shiraz (575km) visiting Jame Mosque of Neyriz (one of the oldest Iranian mosque) and Sarvestan Palace on the way. The Jame mosque in Neyriz (the iwan of which is built on architectural techniques of Sassanid period) was a fire temple which converted into mosque toward the starting years of Islamic era.

    We then visit Sarvestan Palace (an architecturally significant structure) which is one of the best samples of the Sassanid design style. We’ll arrive to Shiraz in the evening.

  • Day 6 Shiraz

    Today is dedicated to a full-day excursion to see three major spots beginning with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Persepolis (a splendid structure with imposing gateways, monumental staircases, and impressive reliefs which embodies the greatest accomplishments of the ancient Achaemenid Empire).

    Next we visit Naqsh-e Rostam (a royal necropolis), and Pasargadae (the Tomb and Palaces of Cyrus the Great) where you feel the grandeur of the Achaemenid Empire. We then drive back to Shiraz in the evening.

  • Day 7 Yasuj

    Today’s city tour of Shiraz will start with a visit to the Nasir’ol Molk Mosque with an intricate tile work (a deep shade of blue) and eye-catching carved pillars. Next we’ll visit Vakil Bazaar and Hafeziyeh (the tomb of Hafez one of the most revered poets in Iran set in an enchanting garden). 

    Next we visit Narenjestan (including a garden and a pavilion with a breathtaking combination of intricate tiles and stained-glass windows). In the afternoon we are going to drive to Yasuj camping in a wonderful natural environment. We might also have free time for a short trekking.

  • Day 8 Yasuj

    Our today is dedicated to full-day hiking tour in the delightful outskirts of Yasuj with healthy mountain air, a pleasant stroll to feel deeply the natural beauty of southern Iran.

    Located at the height of 1870 meters above the sea level the city is the rainiest area in Zagros region the precipitation rate of which is 834 millimeters on average).

    Yasuj is among the cold mountainous regions covered by the oak trees and has been named as the capital of Iranian Nature due to its eye-catching waterfalls, rivers, plains, and springs.

  • Day 9 Yasuj

    On this day we start our full-day trekking in Yasuj where we are going to enjoy one of the most picturesque areas of Iran with the breathtaking views of the central Zagros Mountains stretching from the North West toward the South East of Iran.

    The sound of the goats in the heart of the delightful chestnut trees and the fresh wind blowing against your face will be a lasting memory of the beauty of this wonderful nature finely tuned to the poetic spirit of the nomadic lifestyle.

    After several hours of trekking we’ll return to the city to recover and get ready for tomorrow.

  • Day 10 Shahre Kord

    In the morning we’ll drive to Shahre Kord (285 km), visiting the remarkable Semirom Waterfalls on the way. The waterfall is one of the reputed places of the Isfahan province located 5km east of Semirom showing off its beauty with a height of 32 meters as a silver carpet in the midst of stony walls.

    Our tour around Shahre Kord will begin in the afternoon. The city is well-known for its natural beauty of the landscape, waterfalls and rivers, and cold winters. It is the Iran’s highest capital city at (2,070 m above the sea level) known as roof of Iran.

  • Day 11 Shahre Kord

    We aim to go on a full-day excursion to visit Chelgard and its county Kohrang. Known as the Land of Springs, Kohrang is a county in Chaharmahal-o Bakhtiari Province located in central Iran. 

    The colorful trees, diversity of plant and animal species, abundance of rivers, plains covered with red and yellow tulips in the spring, fine weather, and green meadows all these create an ultimate colorful and distinguished image of beauty that cannot be vanished from mind. We then drive back to Shahre Kord in the evening.

  • Day 12 Isfahan

    On this day we’ll drive to Isfahan, en route visiting Zaman Khan Bridge (29 km northeast of Shahr-e-Kord) built on the Zayandeh Rud River to make the movements of goods and people easier and simpler in the region. It is called “Zaman khan” bridge because one of the tribal chieftains named Zaman Khan has constructed this structure.

    The bridge has an incredible design and architecture and there are lots of beautiful gardens around it. After arriving to Isfahan we have free time to have a walking tour along the Zayandeh Rud River in the afternoon.

  • Day 13 Isfahan

    Today we are going to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Naqsh-e Jahan Square and the other major sites. Isfahan is known as the gem of Iran and the Naghsh-e-Jahan square makes it sparkle.

    It is surrounded on all sides by impressive structures including Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; the richly decorated Imam Mosque; and six-storied palace, Ali Qapu. The afternoon will be dedicated to visiting the bazaar where you can spend some happy hours in this stone-arched structure walking and knowing more about the Iranian handicrafts and workshops.

  • Day 14 Departure

    Today, we drive to Tehran through Abyaneh, Kashan, and Qom (505 km). You have a chance to see the traditional dresses of local people and architecturally well-balanced houses in Abyaneh built with respect to the area’s climate and mountainous landscape.

    Next we visit one of the eye-catching houses in Kashan (such as Borujerdis House, Ameri House, and Abbasi House) with appropriate size and design, and the magnificent Mosque of Agha Bozorg. We then visit the alluring Fin Garden before leaving Kashan to Imam Khomeini International Airport for departure.

  • Isfahan

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  • Meals Breakfasts only BB

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  • Ticket for international flights;
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses

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