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Iran Horse Riding Tours

Horse Riding Tours

Iranian-horseThe fascination for Persian horses is a never ending passion. From the dawn of history, Iranians have celebrated the horse in their art and in their literature. The importance of horses in the life of the Iranians assured them of a special place in Persian Culture. As Iranians are believed to be the first to begin domestication of horses, their role in the development of world horse breed is significant.

Modern Persian Arabs, the descendants of these horses in the west of Iran, are well-known for their smartness, courage and unique ability to tolerate long distances in different climates and tracks. Inhabited by nomadic tribes to the plateau region of Persia, the Persian horse is an elegant strain. This horse breed is cultivated in harsh climatic conditions and born out of natural selection. Breeds like Shirazi, Qashqai, Basseri, Bakhtiari are also nurtured in a similar way.

Characteristics of Plateau Persian horse:

  • Unbelievable beauty
  • A muscular body
  • Arched neck, broad and deep chest
  • Long tail
  • Fast responsiveness and incredible strength
  • Ideal for riding and pleasure activities
  • Comes in colors gray, chestnut and bay
  • A height of 14.2 to 15.2h

Join one of the following tours and experience horseback riding through rivers, vast green plains or even foothills of Damavand.