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Tour packages offer you the opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with rich culture, history and magnificent natural landscapes . if you don’t have visa we recommend apply Iran visa first.

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Starts Shiraz
Ends Tehran

7 Day Iran Tour The Enchanting Persia

  • Mid Range Budget
  • All Seasons
Duration 4 Days
Tour Type Group
Age Requirement 5 + years old
Guiding Method Guided Tour
Starts Shiraz
Ends Isfahan

4 Day Iran Tour Blossom of Civilization

  • Mid Range Budget
  • All Seasons
Duration 5 Days
Tour Type Group
Age Requirement 5 + years old
Guiding Method Guided Tour
Start From
840 €
Starts Shiraz
Ends Shiraz

Iran Ski Tour Skiing in Poulad Kaf

  • Low Budget
Duration 1 Days
Tour Type Private
Age Requirement 5 + years old
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When you arrive at the Blue Mosque or Persepolis and see the carvings on an ancient stones that are several thousand years old, you probably want to know the story behind these patterns and more details of the building- tales and stories that are not easily available on the internet and only a local guide can narrate! In this case, you can choose our daily tours and enjoy every moment of your trip.


If you are planning a memorable Iran trip, you must have thought about booking Iran tours. But which tour is right for you and what is the difference between tours in Iran and other countries? In this article, we will tell you all you need to know in 7 practical questions and answers so you can make the best decision.

Why book an Iran tour for visiting Iran

Tourists choose different travel styles; from solo and unplanned travels to group travels according to a fixed travel plans. If you are asking yourself whether you should book an Iran tour or not, then the answer is directly related to your travel style, but choosing the best decision requires having information about the conditions of traveling to Iran.

Saving time and money

Iran is a big country and has many tourist attractions that are located at great distances from each other. In the classic one-week Iran tour, you will travel about 1000 km on the roads of Iran to see 36 tourist attractions in 5 different cities. Using a planned tour with travel itineraries written by experts, will save your time and money.
The working hours of tourist attractions in Iran and national or religious holidays are very important in tour planning because not knowing them will cause missing your sightseeing. Iran travel experts who organize Iran tours are aware of these details and will plan for you accordingly. 
Our experience allows us to offer you the best services at an affordable price. The least advantage of booking an Iran tour is that you will not have to pay extra charges.

Payment by credit card

Due to the financial sanctions on Iran, you will not be able to use your credit card in Iran for paying hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and even exchange offices. By booking a tour, you can pay most of your tour expenses safely and through the travel agency which you purchased your tour.

Quality is guaranteed

In Iran, due to the weak infrastructure of tourism compared to European countries, finding the best quality service is a little tricky. Your Iranian travel agent will choose the best available hotels, restaurants, guides and transportation based on his long time experience. The travel agency guarantees the quality of the service and plans your Iran tour according to your desired standards.


Having a professional Iran tour guide 


Having a professional tour guide by your side when visiting Iran will show you details and tell you interesting stories that you will not find in any guidebook or website. Only tourists who have seen Persepolis with a guide know the story of the signature of the workers of this magnificent ancient building and have seen this signature. A professional guide knows best time and place for what you are interested in and will make your Iran trip an unforgettable experience.


When is the best time to travel to Iran? (Which months of the year are the best times to visit Iran?

Iran is a four-season country which means you will find the weather you like any time of the year. This is also good news for tourists who want to find affordable tours during Iran low season. In Iran, unlike countries of Southeast Asia, there are no monsoon rains, and on the other hand, even in the hot summers of desert cities, you will not have a serious problem due to good cooling facilities
Some special tours of Iran, such as skiing, start from December and can be continued until April (based on the weather condition). Desert tours in the center of Iran and diving tours in the southern coasts and islands of the Persian Gulf are possible to do all year around, except for summer.
The best time for Iran mountaineering tours, such as climbing Damavand Peak and trekking in the Alborz and Zagros Mountains, is during the summer, because in the high mountains of Iran, the weather is not hot at all! 
There are two high seasons in Iran: spring and autumn, which are equivalent to April, May, October and November. These months are the best time to participate in classic tours of Iran

How many days is enough for visiting Iran?

Trip to Persia’s Iran tours varies from one day to one month. The most common Iran tours take 8-15 days, but if you have enough time to travel to Iran, then you can determine the length of your Iran trip according to your interests. If you are a mountaineer, 4 days are enough to climb the highest volcano in Asia, but if you like to have a little more adventure, you should go to Lut desert for a week; One of the UNESCO registered sites of Iran

Are you interested in the history of Iran? The classic Iran route tour will take you from the 6,000-year-old Silk Hill in Kashan to the 2,500-year-old Persepolis in Shiraz, and Yazd, the largest living brick city in the world. In Isfahan's Naghsh Jahan Square, you will enjoy watching the 400-year-old buildings, and in the Iranian capital, you walk on the Tabiat Bridge, designed by a young Iranian girl. You will need two weeks for this tour.
It is helpful to mention that Iran group tours are usually between 7 and 14 days. If you have less than 7 days or want to have a plan for more than two weeks in Iran, you should go for private tours.

What type of Iran tour is suitable for me

At Trip to Persia, we have four types of tours that you can choose according to your interests and travel style:
Iran Tour Package
These packages are suitable for those who wish to enjoy their holiday in Iran with peace of mind. Families and senior citizens are a big fan of these tours because everything during their trip will be taken care of by travel experts so they have nothing to worry about!
Iran Daily tours
Iran daily tours are ideal for those who have come to Iran for a business mission and have one day in a particular city. Or if you have traveled to Iran alone and are wandering in the ancient land of Persia without a plan, we suggest you to check out our Iran daily tours to see a different side of the cities like Shiraz or Isfahan.
Iran Adventure tours
The Iran Adventure tours are so variable that you can experience many different activities from desert trekking in the central desert of Iran to skiing in the heights of the Alborz and Zagros mountains. You can also join the nomads and see their authentic life up close and live with them in their tents. Also if you are a mountaineer, get ready to climb higher mountains than Europe and climb a peak above 5000 meters.
Iran Special Interest Tours
At our Iran Special Interest Tours, we offer special and different experiences to travelers. How about participating in a local Nomad wedding? Or how do you like to learn cooking an Iranian dish with help of a skilled chef? Other types of tours like Night Sky Photography tours or bird watching and visiting wildlife are also included in this category.

Should I join an Iran group tour or buy a private Iran tour package?

There is no definitive answer to this question because each of these travel styles has its advantages. By booking an Iran group tour, your trip will cost less because the fixed costs of a tour (like guide and driver salaries or transfers) will be shared.
On the other hand in a private tour, there is more flexibility and you decide about the itinerary details based on your personal interests and we will arrange the tour based on your opinion.

Should I buy an Iran tour with a tour guide or without tour guide

(Can I travel to Iran independently or do I need an Iranian guide)
If you are adventurous travelers who consider unexpected challenges and changes of the plan as part of your journey, you can travel in Iran on your own and you will not need a tour guide. You can buy services such as accommodation, transfer and even car with a driver from us and manage everything else yourself during the trip.
However, when you arrive at the Blue Mosque in Tabriz or Persepolis in Shiraz and see the carvings on an ancient stones that are several thousand years old, you probably want to know the story behind these patterns and more details of the building- tales and stories that are not easily available on the internet and only a local guide can narrate! In this case, you can choose our daily tours and enjoy every moment of your trip.
On the other hand, not many of Iranians are fluent in English, so communicating with the local community will be another part of your challenge. A tour guide will be with you throughout the trip and his/her suggestions can change your experience, suggestions such as local experiences or restaurant and …!
At Trip to Persia we cooperate with the best tour guides in the country, these guides are all professional, licensed and have many years of experience.

What are the types of accommodation in Iran tours?

The rating of hotels in Iran is similar to the European ranking standard and ranges from one to five stars. Iran's 1 and 2-star hotels have very low quality, so we offer our customers to choose 3, 4 or 5 star hotels. These hotels provide you with the good and acceptable facilities and a standard level of cleanliness.
Iran 3-star hotels and above mostly have private European toilets. In Iran, all hotels are BB (Bed & Breakfast) and depending on the stars of the hotel, they serve normal to excellent breakfasts.

HB (Half Board) or FB (Full Board) services are not common among Iranian hotels, but we will offer these services on our Iran tour packages. Note that you cannot use a credit card in Iran, and as a result, you must bring all the money you need in cash. If you include Full Board meal service in your Iran tour, we will pay for all your meals (Lunch + dinners) on your behalf.

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