Hafez, the poet of the hidden world

2 months ago
Hafez, the poet of the hidden world

Hafez is one of the most famous Persian poets of the 14th century (8th century Hegira). He was born in Shiraz and lived there his whole life, due to his utmost love and interest in the weather, the nature and the beauty of Shiraz.

Although he had different opportunities to travel, he rarely left Shiraz. His name, “Hafez” means “someone who knows something by heart” and as Hafez knew the whole Quran he acquired this name. He has always been popular among Iranians and other nations.

For Iranians, his book is a necessity in every house, and holds the same status as the holy Quran. It is true that Hafez was one the favorites characters of Goethe, the great German poet, and he is known as the third most famous poet in the world by many scholars and nobles. In his poems, especially his complicated mystic lyrics that he is famous for, he usually talks about love. His collection of poems, ‘Divan-e-Hafez’, has been translated into English several times; however rarely have the translations been able to capture the beauty and mysticism of his poems.

Hafez died and was buried in Shiraz in his private resort, Mosalla, and his tomb is surrounded by a rather small but a tranquil and beautiful garden. Visiting Hafez’s tomb is a pilgrimage for all Iranians.


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