Prehistoric Iran, the land of buried civilizations

2 months ago
Prehistoric Iran, the land of buried civilizations

The archeologists have discovered many vivid traces of pre-historical and historical civilization in Iran Plateau. Some of the famous instances of these civilizations are in Marvdasht Plain, Sialk Hills, Jiroft, Shahr-e Soukhteh(the burnt city) and Lorestan.

Tappeh Sialk(Sialk Hill)

Tappeh Sialk is the name of one of the oldest Iranian civilizations in Kashan province in the east-central part of Iran. The oldest traces of civilization in this place date back to around 6000 years BC; however, there are historical monuments of the 2900 BC.

Probably the civilization in this place started because of the abundant water of the rivers passing nearby. In the site, you can see the skeletons that date back to 5500 years ago, but the most clearly historical remain in Tappeh Sialk is the three story ziggurat belonging to the Elamite period built in 2900 BC. Although the ziggurat is not very well protected and is not in good conditions it is still quite fascinating and worth a visit.

Jiroft Civilization

Jiroft civilization is a historical site, excavated recently in Sistan province. According to the archaeological investigations, this civilization dates back to the 3rd millennium BC.

In the year 2003, by the excavations that were done in Sistan province, near Halil Rud area( Halil River), the Iranian and foreign archaeologists found several objects and potteries in two archaeological mounds named as Konar Sandal A and B and are believed to belong to an ancient civilization of the 3rd millennium BC that might be the lost Arrati civilization mentioned in Greek historical record. Moreover, in Konar Sandal B they have found an ancient two-story citadel.

This civilization has been located between Elam and Indus river civilizations and their artifacts have kind of intercultural style; a combination of those of Mesopotamians and Iranians. The area is still under excavation.


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