Experience Iran's Rose Water Festival

14 days ago
Experience Iran's Rose Water Festival

Iran rose water festival is a traditional public gathering in Kashan and nearby villages and Damask farms.

Each year during April and May (for exact dates please contact our consultants), tourists, local people and seasonal workers gather together to explore the rose water making process.

Expert artisans gather Mohammadi rose petals, known for their exquisite fragrance, then these petals are carefully placed in copper containers, heated, and turned into precious rose water. workers start early in the morning and try to finish before noon, Old farmer legends say that Damask flowers picked before sunrise will have a stronger odor!


During the annual Rosewater festival, Kashan, transforms into a rose-scented paradise held in Spring.Tourists can taste traditional sweets, pastries, and beverages while enjoying Persian dance performances and folk music, embracing Iran's vibrant culture.The Rose Water Festival is more than a celebration; it's an immersive experience connecting you to Persian culture. Be surrounded by the fragrance of roses, vibrant colors, and rhythmic folk music. It's a journey into captivating beauty and timeless traditions.

Iran Rose Water Festival

When is the Rosewater festival in Kashan held each year?

The Kashan rose water festival is held annually from mid-April to mid-May but it also depends highly on weather conditions. If the weather gets cold it will cause Damask flowers to bloom later than expected and farmers have to postpone time of harvesting. If this happens, dates of festivals may change accordingly                      

Why is Iran known for it's rosewater?

You may find this interesting that Iran is considered the leading producer of damask roses in the world, accounting for 80%-90% of the global output.

What are rose water usages?

In Iran, most people use rosewater in cooking, Making traditional sweets,pastries, and beverages and even tea with rose water is normal in Iran. It also can have medical usages such as soothing skin irritation and reducing skin redness. Rose water can also help relieve headaches and enhance mood.

How to book an Iran rosewater tour?
Trip To Persia specializes in creating unforgettable experiences. Don't miss the magic! Our expert team will guide you in planning your visit during the festival, typically held in spring. Explore renowned festival locations in Kashan, Qamsar, and Niasar, all in central Iran. Let us help you embark on an extraordinary adventure filled with culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting fragrance of Iran's Rose Water Festival with Trip To Persia and book your unforgettable journey now!


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