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Last Update Sep 12, 2023

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Now before traveling to Iran, you can register your visa application through Trip To Persia agency take advantage of the  Service on offer and have trained staff make the process easy. .

Step 1


Filling the visa application form and uploading the documents.

Step 2

send information

preparing your documents by our experts for the Iranian government.

Step 3

Invitation Letter

Receive “Visa Grant Notice” after 5 working days (Average).

Step 4

Collect your visa

Get your printed visa at the airport or embassy.

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Expert Guidance: Our team will guide you through every step of the application, ensuring you have all the necessary documents and information. Time-Saving: Avoid the lengthy paperwork and waiting times. We streamline the process to get your visa application submitted quickly. Peace of Mind: Leave the complexities to us. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your application is in safe hands.

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Fill Out the Form: Begin by providing us with essential details through our secure and user-friendly online form. Review and Submit: Our experts will review your information to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once verified, your application will be submitted promptly. Track Your Application: Stay updated on the progress of your visa application through our tracking system. We keep you informed every step of the way.

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Citizens of most countries need visa to enter Iran. Some countries are visa-free, and the procedure for obtaining a visa is different for some. The Iranian government has started issuing E-Visa, and we introduce you the fastest and easiest way to get Iran visa with the "Trip to Persia" agency.

  1. Filling the visa application form and uploading the documents
  2. Checking your documents by our experts, preparing and sending the application to the Iranian government
  3. Receive “Visa Grant Notice” via email after 5 working days (Average)

    After at least 2 working days (Which can also takes up to 2 weeks depending of MFA’s decision)*

  4. Get your printed visa at the airport or in the embassy.

Iran visa free countries


Citizens of some countries don't need visa to travel to Iran, due to certain governments' political and cultural agreements. Let’s see which countries can go to Iran without a visa:

Duration (Days)
Iran via for Armenia Armenia(Հայաստան)
Iran via for Azerbaijan Azerbaijan(Azərbaycan)
Iran via for Bolivia Bolivia
Iran via for Georgia Georgia(საქართველოს)
Iran via for Malaysia Malaysia
Iran via for Syria Syria(سوريا)
Duration (Days)
Iran via for Turkey Turkey(Türkiye)
Iran via for Venezuela Venezuela
Iran via for Egypt Egypt(مصر)
Iran via for Lebanon Lebanon(لبنان)
Iran via for China China(中国)


If you are from these countries, you are lucky because can travel to Iran without a visa. All you need is your valid passport (with 6 months validation). Please keep in mind that before visiting Iran, you must not have travelled to Israel, or if you did, you should wait at least 1 year and then travel to Iran.

Citizens of visa-free countries can stay 15-90 days in Iran, which cannot extend. If you need to stay more days in Iran, you must leave Iran from air or land borders and enter again to stay another 30 days.

Update January 2023: Due to the pandemic, citizens of free visa countries must be fully vaccinated and bring the certificate of their full vaccination confirming complete vaccination at least 15 days before arrival in Iran.

Citizens of other countries need visas to enter Iran. The procedure for them is the same, and only the visa fee differs.

 Getting Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA)

For getting Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA), all you have to do is take an international flight to one of the airports in Iran and apply for a visa at the same airport by entrance. Although this may seem simple, it can be risky as well. Because you may face visa rejection, which results in disrupting your travel plans and, of course, losing a lot of money you spent for bookings.

Besides at the time of your arrival which is normally early in the morning you will have to do lots of tasks! You should spend a couple of hours on filling out different forms, buying travel insurance and money payments. This probably isn’t what you want to do while you are just off the plane from a long flight.

Iran tourist visa on arrival is a particular visa service that can be obtained for passport holders from most countries. You can check the list of countries here (or attach a photo here)

American, Canadian, British, Colombian and citizens of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kenya, and Somalia cannot get Visa on Arrival in Iran airports and must apply in advance.

Notice: It should be noted that right now getting Iran tourist visa on arrival (VOA) is not possible due to the pandemic till further notice and all passengers must apply for your Iran tourist visa before your arrival.

Iran Tourist Visa for American, Canadian and British citizens


Iran visa for US citizens and 3 nations is different from others. American, Canadian, British and Colombian cannot travel to Iran on their own. According to Iran's government policy, they could travel to Iran only through organized tours.

An organized tour means a guaranteed tour package bought from local travel agencies, which indicates a detailed travel plan, sightseeing programs and overnight stays accompanied by a professional licensed tour guide.

The visa procedure for American, Canadian, British and Colombian is slightly different. They need to be more patient because their visa procedure and checking the documents will take longer.

Different Iran visa types

There are 12 different Iran visa types According to Iran's government instructions, you must apply for any of these 12 visa types based on the purpose of your trip to Iran.

As a tourist, you may visit Iran to ascend the highest volcano in Asia, explore the Lut Desert or visit Iran's holy shrines on a spiritual and religious trip! Also, you might travel to Iran for business or benefit from the best and cheapest medical services in the Middle East. Getting an Iran visa is much easier than you think, but it's important that you must choose your Iran visa type based on the purpose of your trip.

Most travelers get an Iran tourist visa (type B) without an invitation or prerequisite documents. The medical visa is the most common Iran visa type after a tourist visa.

Iran tourist visa document requirements


To get an Iran tourist visa, you must send us the required documents below and then we can start online visa application process. List of documents required for Iran visa are:

1- Passport (Valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Iran)

2- Official photo in the size of a passport photo to be attached to the visa application form

3- A travel plan indicating the cities you wish to visit and places you plan to stay overnight

Suppose you want to get other Iran visa types, you might need documents such as business or educational resumes, invitations, university confirmation letters, employer confirmation letters, hospital confirmation letters or confirmation letters from the Ministry of Labor.

the photo of the first page of your passport is enough; please note that the machine-readable code inserted at the bottom of your passport must be completely legible and easy to read.
Iran tourist Visa Document Requirements

How much is the iran visa fee?


The price of an Iran visa varies depending on the nationality of each person and the type of their requested visa. Iran visa fees vary from 10 to 150 Euros.

The process of applying for an Iran tourist visa is simple, but if you decide to let an Iranian travel agency do the paperwork, we will gladly assist you. Iran visa fees will vary depending on the nationality and the visa type. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published the price list below.

Iran tourist visa online application form


We made it easy and convenient to get Iran e-visa. Just fill out the online Iran tourist visa application form and leave the rest to us to get the best result. If you are traveling with your family or in a group, you can complete the Iran visa form for your companions at the same time. At the first section of form, you can enter the total number of people, so the form will be created for you.

The cost of the Iran online visa service provided by “Trip to Persia” is 35 Euros, but if you request a tour or hotel service at the same time, it will be free of charge. To apply Iran visa application online, you need the following information:

Travel plan


The cities and date are mandatory. You have to mention your accommodation status for whole days.

Personal photo


  • taken within the last 6 months that show your current appearance
  • Color photo with white background
  • 400x600 pixels JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format
  • File size: 10KB to 500KB
  • rectangular aspect ratio (height must be greater than width)
  • at least 70% part of the photo must be filled by the applicant’s face
  • Standard passport photo: Full-face view directly facing the camera with a neutral facial expression and both eyes open.



  • Only the first page. full-length images are not acceptable.
  • 800x600 pixels JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format
  • File size: 10KB to 500KB
  • rectangular aspect ratio (height must be greater than width)
  • Sharp without any visible pixels which all characters must be readable.

In your online visa form you can choose where you want to collect your Iranian evisa: one of the Iran Embassies and consulates or at the airport. you can collect your visa at the airport if you are traveling to Iran by flight. Please note that having the “Visa Grant Notice” is not enough and you must bring the printed Iran tourist visa paper with you as well.

Collecting iran visa in almost 110 cities all around the world


Although Iran tourist visa procedures are online, you must also have a printed visa to enter the country. After filling out the required information in your online visa form and uploading the documents, you can collect your visa at the Iran embassy or consulate in your country.

If there is no Iran embassy or consulate in your country, you can collect your visa at one of Iran's airports. Note that American, Canadian, British and Colombian citizens cannot apply for an Iran airport visa. You can also choose another country that has an Iran embassy for collecting your visa. Above all, the best and easiest way is to ask “Trip to Persia” to do all the work for you.

We suggest searching the list of Iran embassies and consulates in different countries to get a visa so that you can make the best decision.

Iran visa on arrival airport


Whichever way you send your application to the Iran Embassy, it is possible to choose the international airports in Iran where your flight lands as the place for collecting your visa.

All you have to do is to hand over the “Visa Grant Notice” you received from the “Trip to Persia” to the visa officer at the airport and receive your Iran tourist visa.

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, you could just buy a plane ticket, go to Iran and get your visa on arrival. But now, the issuance of a visa on arrival has been stopped, and you must apply in advance to receive your visa at the airport.

How long does it take to get iran visa?


It usually takes at least 2 working days to 2 weeks (5 working days average) to receive the “Visa Grant Notice” for your Iran tourist visa. After receiving the file, you can collect your visa at mentioned international airports (see table above). Please keep in mind that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does all steps of the applicant's qualification procedures, and depending on the circumstances, this may take more or less.

How long can I stay with a tourist visa?


You can stay in Iran for 30 days with Iran tourist visa which is valid for a period of 90 days after your visa is issued. You must enter the country during the start and end of your visa validity. It doesn’t make a difference that how or where you got your Iran visa, this time duration applies to all Iran visa types (VOA or Embassy). This is a single-entry visa. So if you leave the country, even if you have not used your 30 days and your 90-day validity period has not passed, you cannot enter Iran again.

How can i do iran visa extension?


If you have applied for your Iran tourist visa beforehand, then you can extend your visa up to 2 times. We aim to explain all the necessary information regarding the required documents for Iran Visa extension, Iran tourist visa extension Prices and Iran visa extension important notes.

If you decide to stay longer than 30 days in Iran or are approaching your 90-day entrance validity period, you must extend your Iran tourist visa. Luckily, it’s possible to extend your visa in Iran easily!

You should go to the passport police. Visa extension in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and other big cities inside Iran is possible. Unfortunately, you cannot do an Iran visa extension online.

Another frequent question about Iran tourist visa extension is: Can I extend my expired visa? If you do not have access to the Passport Police Office to extend your visa when your visa expires, you can pay a fine for the extra days if you have a compelling reason and extend your visa.

Note that staying in Iran for more than your valid visa is illegal and can have some consequences.
Note that the Iran Visa on Arrival extension is not as easy and somehow improbable; at best, it’s possible only once!

Which cities are visa-free zones in iran


Iran has 7 free trade zones that are located inside the borders of Iran. Free zones have their own trade rules. Like other Iranian cities, these areas also have many natural and cultural attractions and provide a good business opportunity. It is possible to enter the free zones for people from other countries without visa, but exiting them to visit other cities in Iran, requires a visa. People who travel to these areas can stay for up to 2 weeks and extend it if needed. So, if you are a person who travels a lot for business purposes, we have a good offer for you in Iran. In addition to conducting negotiations related to your job in one of these free zones, you can use its tourism potential.

Also, if you want to enter Iran without a visa, you can visit your friends and acquaintances in the free zones or even make an appointment to meet an Iranian girl or boy!

What are the iran visa policies?


Typically, Iran issues visas without any problems, and travelers can easily get their Iran visas. Although there are some exceptional circumstances for American, Canadian, British and Colombian citizens, even in cases, the only difference is their visa procedure takes longer, and it’s a bit different. So, they are most welcome to visit Iran as well.

Iran’s government always tries to ease the way of issuing tourist and medical visas. Our longtime experience shows that ordinary citizens can easily get their Iran tourist visas in the shortest time possible.

How can i get a multiple-entry visa for iran?


Iran does not issue multiple-entry tourist visas! If you are already in Iran and want to leave and enter again, you must apply for an Iran tourist visa before your second entry. You can collect your visa at the airport if you are obliged to get an Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA). Don’t worry about the number of entries to the country because there are no limitations.

Why does iran visa reject?


Receiving an Iran visa is not a guarantee. Although the number of rejected Iranian visa applications is a small percentage, this may happen. Our experience over the past two decades shows that the majority of Iran visa rejections were due to the applicant's carelessness in filling out forms, sending documents, or not paying attention to the laws announced by the Iranian government. There are some reasons for Iran Visa Rejection that we review them.

Incomplete Visa Form Application


When filling out your Iran visa form, make sure to answer all the questions, especially regarding your occupation. Some job titles like journalism and media will cause higher monitoring. So instead of just writing "Working in Media" provide more details or send your resume for more clarification. Our visa experts at "Trip to Persia" with their longtime experience, can be the best visa advisors in these matters.

Applying with your Israeli Passport


If you are an Israeli passport holder, you cannot enter Iran. Also, if you have traveled to Israel less than 1 year before your visa application, your rejection is certain! 

Independent visa application for American, British, Canadian and Colombian citizens


Suppose you are a citizen of the United States of America, Canada, Britain or Colombian and independently apply for an Iran visa. In that case, your visa application will be rejected because getting a visa for these nationalities has different procedures and must be done through a travel agency in Iran.

"Trip to Persia" is one of Iran's most prominent travel agencies authorized to apply for these nationalities.

Incomplete itinerary


If you don't provide your travel plan details when filling out your Iran visa application form, that can be a reason for visa rejection. Add your travel itinerary, trip details, sightseeing program and your booked hotels to reduce the risk of visa rejection.

How do i get an iran visa after being denied?


If your Iran visa application has been rejected, you can apply again, but before doing that, it’s better to find the reason for your visa rejection and solve the issue. To do this, you can seek help from a lawyer or a travel agency. They will help you find out the latest updates about getting an Iran visa.

Please note that if your visa application has been rejected, avoid applying again for Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA). In this case, contact a travel agency so you can apply through them to avoid any problems.

What can make iran's government suspicious regarding visa applications?


Any irregularity in your visa application can trigger the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more monitoring. Iran, like all other countries, pays special attention to these cases. For more clarification, let's read some of the cases we have encountered during our many years of experience with visa applicants:

  • Choosing non-touristic areas and cities in your travel plan, especially on your first travel to Iran.
  • Spending a large portion of your travel time in a specific city or region. For example, a person traveling to Iran for the first time wants to stay in a particular city for 10 days while his whole travel duration is 20 days.
  • Using illegal accommodation networks such as couch surfing or staying at the home of your Iranian friends or acquaintances.
  • Contradiction between the purpose of your trip and your desired activities with your chosen visa type. For example, a tourist applies for a tourist visa and then stays for a long time in Assaluyeh, which is one of the cities close to Iran's gas fields. While in this case, he must have applied for a business visa.

Iran visa on arrival land border


Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA) is only possible for tourists who enter Iran from air borders at the airports. If you want to enter Iran via land or sea borders, you should get your visa before entering the country. In this case, even having a reference code won’t be enough, and you must collect your visa at one of Iran's embassies before arriving at the borders.

Can an israeli visit iran?


Israeli passport holders cannot enter Iran, and that’s the only exception in Iran's entry rules. If you are interested in visiting Iran but are an Israeli citizen and your birthplace is in Israel, then the only way is to use a second passport! We even had tourists that were born in Tel Aviv.

Also, if you have visited Israel in the past year, that can be a reason for visa rejection. But if it has been more than 1 year since your last visit to Israel, it might reduce the risk of rejection. However, if there is any record of past visits to Israel in your passport, then ensure that you can get your visa before traveling to Iran and avoid applying for Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA).

Trump travel bann


Issuing Iran visa on a separate piece of paper to reduce the concerns about Trump Travel Ban.

Does the Iran visa affect future Schengen, UK & US application visas? Can I travel to the USA after visiting Iran?

On September 2017, Trump, the president of the United States of America, enacted a Travel ban on people who have traveled to Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, or Yemen. This ban put substantial limitations on their entry to the United States. Therefore, many tourists planning on visiting Iran were concerned about the restrictions and consequences of their trip to Iran. They worried they might face problems getting Schengen or even an England visa.

The new law prompted the Iranian government to seek a solution to this problem. Since 2018, they didn't stamp the passports in response to this strict embargo. They print visas and record entry/exit information on separate paper. This will allow travelers to plan their Iran trip with ease of mind. Please note that you don’t need to make a separate application to ensure that your entry to Iran is not included in your passport. Right now, all Iran visas are issued on separate sheets.

This applies to those who apply for a visa beforehand and those who intend to get an Iran airport visa.

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