Getting Iran Visa on Arrival (Iran VOA)


Iran Visa on Arrival is somehow the same as Iran airport visa because it’s only issued for travelers who enter Iran by flights and it’s not possible to get it at land or sea borders. Iran has started issuing airport visas in 2017 and citizens of most countries can receive this visa. As a tourist, you can apply for your visa upon arrival in one of Iran’s airports. We are going to explain Iran Visa on Arrival in full detail so you can start your Iran journey without any concerns.

Last Update Apr 04, 2023

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Iran Visa on Arrival in the Covid pandemic


Before the pandemic getting Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA) was possible in Iran’s airports but till further notice, it is not available anymore and you must register your visa application in advance on the Iran e-visa system. After receiving the reference code you can collect your Iran visa in the international Iran airports. Please note that some airlines require your Iran visa or your reference code before issuing your boarding pass.

Since every airline has its own policies and in a pandemic, every law can change easily, we recommend avoiding any risks and getting your Iran visa before arrival. Trip to Persia values your time and budget and offers Iran visa services to all travelers. Right now to enter Iran you need Iran visa, a certificate of full vaccination at least 15 days prior to arrival in Iran and a negative PCR test in English received no later than 96 hours before arrival in Iran.

Getting Iran Airport Visa


It’s quite easy to get Iran airport visa. You just need to enter one of Iran’s international airports and submit your passport and identification documents there. Please note that right now due to the pandemic you must apply for Iran airport visa in advance and collect your visa at the airport with your “Visa Grant Notice”.

Please avoid showing up to airports before applying Iran e-visa. Iran airport visa is not obtainable for citizens of America, Canada, Britain, Colombia, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kenya and Somalia.

These travelers must apply and get their visa before their arrival. If you are a citizen of one of these countries and have a second passport, then you can apply for Iran airport visa with your second passport. American, Canadian, British and Colombian passport holders must only apply for their visa through a local Iranian travel agency and register their application before arrival. We recommend always applying in advance for your Iran visa to avoid risk of rejection at the airport.

Having the reference code not only eliminates the chance of visa rejection but also saves your time at the airport. To know the exact steps of getting Iran airport visa read below and if you need any assistance or clarifications, contact Trip to Persia’s visa experts now.

What Are the Required Documents to Get Iran Visa on Arrival? (VOA)


The required documents to get Iran airport visa are as below:

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months
  2.  Official photo in the size of a passport photo to be attached to the visa application form
  3.  Visa stamp Fee- This amount is payable at the Iran visa and passport office at the airport- The visa fee depends on your nationality.
  4. Valid insurance which you can also get at Iran airports
  5. “Visa Grant Notice” or Visa authorization code issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- It’s better to have the printed version of your “Visa Grant Notice” to submit if needed.

It’s recommended to also have these items below just in case:

  • Your travel itinerary and accommodations
  • Business or education resume
  • Phone number of your booked hotels or the travel agency you booked your tour with.

Iran Airports that Issue visa on arrival for Iran


Iran airport visa can be issued in Iran international airports in major cities. So please note that you can’t receive this visa at land or sea borders. Below you can see list of airports that issue Iran airport visa. Also please bear in mind that number of airports has been limited due to the pandemic and in the future, there might be more airports that offer this visa service. We will update the list regularly on this page.  

Airport’s Name
IATA Airport Code
Imam Khomeini Airport Tehran
Isfahan Airport
Shiraz Airport
Ahwaz Airport
Airport’s Name
IATA Airport Code
Tabriz Airport
Qeshm Airport
Mashhad Airport
iran visa on arrival

How much is Iran visa on arrival fee?


Iran airport visa fee depends on your nationality which you can see in the map below. It’s the same as a regular Iran tourist visa. Please note that the amount must be paid in cash at Iran airports  

Airport Price
10 Euro
Armenia, Bahrain
25 Euro
30 Euro
Tajikistan, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Libya
40 Euro
Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Nepal, Yemen, Eritrea
45 Euro
Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Venezuela, State of Palestine, Niger, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan
50 Euro
South Korea, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Paraguay, Senegal
55 Euro
Fiji, Philippines, Panama, Nigeria
60 Euro
Japan, Kenya, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Madagascar, Cameroon, El Salvador, Malawi, Guyana
Airport Price
70 Euro
Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Zambia, Mongolia, Moldova
75 Euro
Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, Thailand, Singapore, Oman, France, Finland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Iceland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Malta, Qatar, Ghana Cuba, Gabon, Guinea
80 Euro
Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa, Hong Kong
85 Euro
100 Euro
China, Chad, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Uganda
120 Euro
Chile, Sierra Leone
145 Euro
150 Euro
New Zealand

Important Tips of getting Iran visa on arrival


Tip 1 : Since getting Iran airport visa seems easy there are many applicants who want to use this visa service. This means that you will encounter long queues at the airport especially in high season. This may interfere with your travel timing schedule. Also, many flights to Iran arrive early in the morning, so just imagine doing a lot of paper works to get your visa instead of resting which sure can be inconvenient.

Tip 2 :  Iran visa on arrival extension is not easy! And even if possible, you can only extend your visa once while you can extend your Iran tourist visa (which you have applied in advance) up to twice!

Tip 3 : Iran visa on arrival application can be rejected so always consider the risk of visa rejection. If you get your visa reference code in advance then you can be sure that your visa will be issued and you don’t need to stand in long queues.

Tip 4 :  If you have applied for Iran tourist visa before and your request is rejected you can’t apply the second time for Iran airport visa. In this case, you must apply through a travel agency in advance.

Tip 5 :  If you have traveled to Israel before coming to Iran and it has passed less than 1 year since your visit to Israel, then your Iran visa on arrival application will be rejected.

Tip 6 :  Iran airport visa is only issued for tourists. So those who have other specific passport types like political passports cannot use Iran airport visa

Tip 7 :   Journalists and media reporters that are on a work mission cannot get Iran airport visa and must apply for Iran press visa

Is it better to get Iran Visa On Arrival or in advance?


As a tourist, you can get Visa On Arrival just at the airport (not on the land or sea borders). Citizens of most countries can get it, but it's not possible for whole countries. Although getting VOA is more accessible than getting visa in advance, it can have some troubles you should know about before applying for an Iranian visa on arrival.

Getting Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA) is the fastest and easiest way to travel to Iran but it's not possible to get it for all nationalities. Citizen of some countries can't apply for Iran visa on arrival anyway and they must send their documents in advance. We are available if this type of Iran visa is unclear and you have some questions. If you have tried for getting Iran VOA and have different experience, leave us a comment and explain your procedure to get visa on arrival.

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