How to extend your visa in Iran Visa Extension? where can extend Iran visa?

The most frequently asked question after getting visa to travel to Iran is about Iran visa extension

Last Update Nov 18, 2023

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How can I extend my Iran tourist visa?

Tourists’ concerns before traveling to Iran is one of the reasons that they don’t plan the timetable of their Iran trip properly. After entering the country and getting to know the truth of Iran, they instantly fell in love with the culture and nature of this ancient land but they realize they didn’t plan enough time to explore it as they wish. As mentioned in Iran Visa Article, travelers can stay in Iran for maximum of 30 days and they must leave the country when their visa validity is over. This will raise the question that How can I extend my Iran tourist visa? And who is eligible for Iran visa extension? Luckily- except for a few exceptions- You can extend your Iran tourist visa in some easy steps. You must go to the Police Office of Foreign Affairs, fill out an Iran visa extension form, and then pay the cost of your visa extension at Melli Bank (National bank of Iran). After delivering your payment receipt to the office, your visa extension procedure will begin which takes a couple of hours or a couple of days (depending on how busy is the office).

Who can extend their Iran tourist visa?

Except for American, Canadian and British citizens, all other travelers who received their Iran tourist visa can extend their visa. If you decided to extend your Iran visa while you are already in Iran and whether your visa has been issued in the embassy or in airport, you can refer to the police offices of foreign affairs and extend your Iran visa.

How many times and for how long can I extend my Iran visa?

There are 12 different visa types to enter Iran. Among them, only Iran tourist visas, Entry visas and Medical visas are extendable. Please note that other Iran visa types cannot be extended. You can stay 30 days in Iran with Iran tourist visa and extend it up to another 30 days. You can extend your Iran tourist visa twice, which means you are able to spend 60 days in our country, in addition to your first 30 days visa permit (90 days in total). This is possible also for travelers who have got Iran visa on arrival. Travelers, who enter Iran with medical visa to use medical services, can extend their Iran medical visa up to another 90 days just once.

What are the required documents for Iran tourist visa extension?

The required documents for Iran visa extension at Police Office of Foreign Affairs are as below: The presentation of a written request of the applicant or management. Two pieces of the most recent photos (size 3*4). Payment receipt of visa extension fee at all Melli banks. Two copies of applicant form for Visa extension. Passport. Photocopy of the passport following pages: Id Page. Last Iran's visa bearing entry seal. Passport validity page. The fellow traveler's ID and photo page. Accompanied by:

notice1: ladies are requested to fully - veiled photos.

notice2: please attach your original photos not the copy. Please keep in mind that the cost of visa extension must be paid in Iranian Rial in cash at the Melli bank (Iran National Bank), also a low amount might be charged as well for visa extension forms and copies. Please bring your contact information and accommodation address to provide if needed.

In most police offices copy machines are available and you can use them by paying a low amount in Rial but to be on the safe side, we recommend bringing copies of your documents and photos with you. Always consider the possibility of a broken copy machine or not having it at all in the office.

How much does Iran visa extension cost?

The visa extension fee depends on your visa type. Iran tourist visa 30-days extension costs 500,000 Rial and Iran medical visa 90-days visa extension costs 1,000,000 Rial, which are payable at the Iran Melli bank.

How many times and for how long can I extend my Iran visa?


Paying the Visa extension fee at Iran Melli bank

Iran visa extension fee must only be paid at Iran Melli bank and then the receipt of payment must be delivered to the Police office of Foreign Affairs. To pay the amount you must go to the nearest Melli bank branch. Most likely the bank employee is not fluent in English. You only need to say the word “Visa” and they will know what to do. Strangely everything including the payment receipt is in Persian but do not worry at all. Below you can see an example of a visa extension payment receipt. Check the details and enter the requested information in the bank receipt in English.

How long does it take to extend my Iran visa?

There is no definite time duration for Iran visa extension. It all depends on the city from which you are submitting your request and the busy days of the police office. It can take from 1 hour to maximum 3 days. It’s very important to note that you must apply for your Iran visa extension, 4 days before the end of its validity.

From which cities can I extend Iran visa?

Iran visa extension is quite easy and can be done in all big tourist cities. Below you can see the list of offices you can extend Iran visa:

City Name
Phone Number
Tehran, Sattarkhan St., Shahr Ara St., not far from the Assyrian Church, No.33
South Shariati St., Saeb St.
Vahid St., Roudaki St., next to Arghavan Alley
West Azerbaijan Province, Urmia, Khatam Al-Anbia Highway
Mashhad, at the beginning of Firoozi Boulevard
Ahvaz, Padadshahr, Padad 10, in front of the amusement park
Zahedan, Shahid Dastgheib St., Amir Kabir Blvd.
City Name
Phone Number
Shiraz, Vali Asr Square, Modares Boulevard, corner of 57th Alley, Shiraz Passport Office
Kerman, Moallem Street
Rasht - Shariati Street
Bandar Abbas, Imam Khomeini Boulevard
Hamedan, Sardar Hossein Hamedani Boulevard
Yazd, Khatami Boulevard

It is better to go to these offices early in the morning to extend your Iran visa to avoid busy hours! Working hours are officially Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 2 pm, but usually, the actual business hours are 8 am to 12. If you are a woman who wants to extend your Iran visa please be sure to follow the rules of the Islamic Iranian dress code because some offices are strict in this regard.

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