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Hamadan, ancient Ecbatana, is located on the slopes of Mount Alvand, at a height of 1, 741 meters above sea level. The city was the first capital of the first Iranian monarchy, the Medes. After the extinction of the Medes, Hamedan lost its first centrality but was still considered as one of the three Achaemenid capitals. Ganjnameh inscriptions, the remnants of Achaemenid palaces, and gold and silver medallions obtained from Hamadan indicate the importance of this region during the Achaemenid period.

The climate of the region varies in terms of in terms of rainfall rate and temperature in the seasons. In cold mountainous areas, the average annual snow is between 155 and 245 mm, and the temperature may reach 30 degrees below zero.

Hamedan is located in the valleys and slopes of the northern part of Alvand Mountain range. The highest peak of the area is Alvand with a height of 3574 meters above sea level, located 18 kilometers from Hamadan.

The main language spoken in Hamadan is Farsi with a “Hamadani” accent. Turkish language is also used by a minority of people.

Based on the population census in 1395, its population was 554, 406 people.

Main tourist attractions:

  1. Alisadr Cave
  2. Ganjnameh
  3. Alaviddome
  4. BuAli Sina Mausoleum
Country Iran
Languages spokenFarsi
Currency usedRial

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