Iran Dress Code for Women and Men

Iran is a country with respecting Islamic rules including “Hijab”. However such rules are not observed strictly, especially for tourists and foreigners.

Food and Drinks in Iran

Whether you are a backpacker who is interested in local foods or simply a busy businessman, traveling can be challenging. 

Getting There and Around

While it’s not as comfortable and fast as Europe or North America, Iran has a high quality and very affordable transportation system.

Learning Persian

How about learning some Persian greetings before traveling to Iran? 

Money & Cost

Whether you’re an all-the-frills luxury traveler or a backpacker traveling to Iran on a budget, you need to plan ahead with respect to the handling of the monetary units.


SOS Numbers

Please note that most organizations have no English-speaking personnel

What if you are lost in Iran?

If you are in this situation the best practice is to calm down and call to 110.

Hafez, the poet of the hidden world

Hafez is one of the most famous Persian poets of the 14th century (8th century Hegira).

Saadi, the moment of love & the beauty of life

Saadi was born in 1207 and was one of the greatest poets of in Iran.

Ferdowsi, the poet of the epic

Hakim Abu’l-Qasim Ferdowsi is the most famous epic poet of Iran. 

Omar Khayyam, the poet of contemplation and uncertainty

Born in 1048, Khayyam lived in the 11th and 12th centuries, during the reign of the Seljuqs and was much respected by the Seljuq kings.

Rumi, the poet of mystic love

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī was a 13th-century poet and mystic, known as Mowlavi in Iran and the Middle East.

Prehistoric Iran, the land of buried civilizations

The archeologists have discovered many vivid traces of pre-historical and historical civilization in Iran Plateau. 

The Elamites, three historical eras

The Elamite is the name of a race other than the Aryans who lived in the west and southwest of Iran and their history dates back to about 5000 years ago.

The Median Empire, the first organized government in Iran

Median empire is the first organized government in Iran that was established around 708BC by Diocese. 

Achaemenid Empire, the first and the greatest Persian civilization

The first and the greatest Persian empire in the world was the Achaemenid empire, founded in 550 BC by Cyrus the great, the grandson of the last Median king, Astyages.

Seleucid Empire, the Hellenistic Iran

The only Greek dynasty in Iran was the Seleucid dynasty, who ruled Iran for about 80 years. 

The Parthians, the ancient horse-warriors

The second Iranian Dynasty was the Parthian Empire that ruled Iran and neighboring countries for about 5 centuries (248BC-224A.D). 

The Sassanids, the last pre-Islamic Empire

The second Persian empire, was founded in the year 224 AD by Ardeshir papakan, who named the empire as Sassanid after the name of his ancestor, Sassan.

Islamic Revolution, the end of the monarchy in Iran

The majority of Iranians were not happy with the Pahlavi dynasty. 

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