This two-day nomadic tour is essentially an opportunity to learn about the proposal and wedding traditions among Iranian Nomads. The tour is designed for those who are looking for the lesser-known aspects of Persian culture and can be done both independently and in combination with other tours.

Daily activity

Day 1


Nomadic Tent

Iranian nomads of Qashqai tribe celebrate their wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies with clothes of diverse colors which make this traditional ritual more eye-catching and colorful. Today we are driving to discover the poetic spirit of the nomadic lifestyle where you experience the pure moments of love that speak in a universal language.
We’ll finally reach Nomadic tents aiming at staying overnight under the starry sky, an incredible sight to behold a long way from the city lights.


Day 2



Marriage in Qashqai starts with marriage proposal which may end in marriage. During these two days you are supposed to become familiar with nomadic life-style and one of these two special events. At the end, you are driving back to Shiraz.

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