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Book Hyundai-Tucson in Iran

Hyundai Tucson is one of the best options regarding car rental in Iran. This popular crossover SUV has two rows of seats with a total capacity of 5 people including the four passengers and the driver.

Interior & Boot Space

The Tucson is great when it comes to interior capacity as it is reasonably spacious for occupants inside. Rear passengers are treated to good legroom, even if the front passenger or the driver has their seats pushed back.

Tucson has a large boot with an easy access. There’s a big square load area in the center which totally offers up 488 liters of storage space.

Hyundai Tucson Car Rental in Iran

Amenities & Comfort

Technically speaking, the SUV's chassis is stronger than the city sedans’ which is the reason why, in general, the SUVs are considered as having a less smooth ride. However, the Hyundai Tucson has received acceptable score on Rough Road Durability Test.

Tucson has excellent outward visibility for passengers from the front seat view. The rear-seat passenger has also a good view of what is outside the car. In addition to the outward visibility, Tucson is equipped with a sunroof which gives you the freedom to experience the beauty of sky.

Tucson’ audio and video system also receives a high score in comparison with other competitors.
If you are interested in listening to music or watching movies during your travel, Tucson is one of the best choices as it is equipped with an excellent LCD monitor and a high-quality sound system.



The tourists usually choose SUVs due to their higher safety and capability of being used for rough roads. In addition to the fact that our professional drivers make your journey more secure and safe, Hyundai Tucson, equipped with all safety amenities, is among the few available cars in Iranian market which has achieved a 5-star safety rating from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). That’s why it is very common in Iran to rent Hyundai Tucson.




For a distance of 300 km or more, the car is comfortable for a maximum of 3 passengers (the ideal number). In case, the distance is shorter, it might be used for up to 4 people (both numbers exclude the driver).


The following table shows you the specifications of Tucson in more details.

Specifications Tucson 2017
Engine Size (L) 2
Number of cylinders 4
Maximum power (hp) 164
Maximum torque (Nm) 205
Gear Box 6-speed automatic
Combined cycle fuel consumption (liters per 100 km) 8.5
Length (mm) 4475
Width (mm) 1850
Height (mm) 1655
Net Weight (kg) 1520
Emission standard Euro 5
Fuel Type Petrol
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